Alvin's Cables Z CAM E2 Camera Right Angle Power Cable Flexible 90 Degrees 4 Pin to D Tap

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Every cable was tested to ensure that there are no short circuit ,no potential breakdown problems before shipping, and it works great! This is for the Z CAM E2 Cameras and you could use a V Mount to power it up. Cable Length:12 inches (About 30cm).Custom Length: other length of the cables, we can customize with it, please contact us. Plug A: Right Angle 4 Pin with Half Moon Female(2 Pin Male +2 Pin Female); Plug B: D-tap Male. Please Note: when you plug the right angle 4 pin into your camera, the cable will go down, please do not rotate the connector in a wide range, it is better to keep it going down, if have any questions, welcome to contact us.